Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back from the Alps

I had a splendid time in Morges, just outside Lausanne with my friends Pip and Rolf and Lily (my God-daughter) and Pia. I went winetasting, swam in a thermal spa, ate fondue, visited their church and went to the Montreux Christmas festival. I confess I thought the festival would be full of stands selling dodgy aftershave and three for the price of two deals on Santa wrapping paper but happily the Swiss have considerably more taste than we do.

Here are one or two things from a very quick scan of the world. 100 most notable books from 2008 and 10 tips to better reading. Top 10's of 2008 and top movies of 2008.

Also How to encourage a blogger this Christmas

A couple of other things- Keller's two talks on Preaching to the Heart and a a good Driscoll talk given to the latest bootcamp.

(H/T Steve McCoy)

More will follow if I have any time.

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