Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have been thinking about being in the wilderness. A pal forwarded me Simon's sermon on this that had blessed him and through listening to it I brought all those I have on my heart who are in that place of the desert. There seem to be rather a lot- maybe you are one of them.

Last week's conference was good and it was refreshing to see so many good and old friends. I went away with a couple of things to ponder and pray through that may take a little time to process. During the week, I read the Discipline of Grace which explores the relationship between grace and holiness through a study on Romans-great stuff and my copy is now very dog-eared and scribbled over.

I have also managed to listen to one of these sermons by Sinclair Ferguson who is what I would call a classic preacher and teacher and handles the Bible in a way that gently warms the heart and reminds one of Christ and the Gospel. I think I like him because he reminds me of my early years sitting in the Kirk in the Ayrshire village I grew up in in Scotland.

If you have ever grappled with the question 'How people change?' you may find this is interesting. Driscoll, as ever, has lots of views-this time on the emerging church. Finally, what happens when the pastor meets the professor, an article on Malcolm Gladwell and advice on thank you notes?

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