Friday, November 07, 2008

Oratory and feedback

Just finshed Alpha and often can't go straight to sleep so doing emails and catching up.

I watched this and was struck by many things- not least just the craft of Obama's speaking.

I speak a lot and so do many of us but here is the question.

Am I getting any better at it? (Obama raises the bar rather high!).

I recognized this challenge and realized I needed to ask for feedback.

So, in response I have decided to seek feedback out and a friend has agreed to listen to my sermons and tell me what he really thinks. I have done the same for him.

Paul says 'go into strict training'.

I need to do that if am am to preach better.

Go on then, why not ask for some honest feedback from a friend.

Here is David's sermon on Psalm 119. It blessed me so much and I hope I was able to bless him with my few thoughts.

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