Monday, September 08, 2008

Wild at heart in Wales

We had a great men's weekend away in Wales. It is a bit of a shlep to get to but the experience was more than worth it. We did have an early disappointment of the pub running out of lamb shank and I am not quite sure if Pete has yet recovered. The highlight for me was 'gorge walkng which involved jumping into waterfalls in a wetsuit and silly hard-hat. On Saturday night we went down to the beach, built a fire and drank a beer and had good chats and fellowship. We also has some time to worship and pray. Generally, tons of fun and I highly recommend it for any mens group. Actually the truth is our women go every year so we were just keeping up so it's not gender-based!

Here's what we did. A couple of lads got us all organized (thanks to Pete and Jonathan for their efforts), booked the place which is called the Christian Mountain Centre, sorted a minibus and that was it. They have an amazing team of '20 something' outward bound types who sort the activities and tell you what is going on. You need to take a day off on the Friday but our men managed that and loved the time away.

Do think about it.

You will love it and it will be a blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this was why they ran out of lamd shank?