Friday, September 12, 2008

The Radical Reformission

I've finished Radical Reformission which seemed a good book for this time of year. I often just look back through the book and see what I underlined. Here's some of the things

1. Reformission requires that every Christian and church realize that missions is about not something they do but something they are

2. In Reformission evangelism, people are called to come and see the transformed lives of God's people before they are called to repent of sin and to trust in God

3. One of the fascinating things about Reformission evangelism is that lost people actually function as missionaries themselves before conversion

4. In Reformission the line is blurred between evangelism and discipleship, enabling non-Chirstians to learn a great deal about Scripture and the Christian life before making a decision for Christ.

5. Ruts: (1) separating from culture like a Pharisee (2) blending into culture like a Sadducee (3) ruling over culture like a Zealot (4) ignoring culture like an Essene

6. I like the postscript "The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences" Augustine

Buy it-Read it-Think about it-Pray it in

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