Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3. Where is there resistance to what the Scripture tells us?

The principle: The task is to identify and go for the resistance in the human heart to the truth and relentlessly expose it and its consequences. Where might we be deceiving ourselves. Where are we blind and weak. Why do we deny the reality of what the Scriptures tell us. How does this play out in people's lives?

3. Where is there resistance to Scriptural truth?

1. We don’t think we need to be prepared and to be seen by God v 35
2. We don't do what we've been commanded to v 35
3. We don’t see the reward offered to us v37
4. We don’t think the world works like God says because on our terms it doesn’t v37
5. We don’t understand what the task is and that other depend on us doing it v 42
6. We don’t see the need to protect against unexpected trouble v 39
7. We think we will have plenty of warning so lets have a bit of fun now v 45
8. We don’t think this story relates to us but is for others and that the consequences aren’t really that bad v 41
9. We don’t see that those who should know best often don't v 47
10. We fail to see and acknowledge the grace offered by Jesus v 48

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