Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gift not guilt

'God is not now looking, nor has he ever looked, for 'helpers' to assist him in saving the world. That doesn't mean he isn't calling us to give ourselves generously to that mission or be sacrificially generous with our neighbours; it's just that he's not looking for people to supply his needs, He's not short on money, talent, or time. He  has never commanded us to save the world for him; he has called us to follow him and he saves the world through us.......

God commissioned only one Messiah, and it's not us. He calls us to be servants, not fellow saviours; stewards, not suppliers. He wants us not to be guilt driven, but gift driven; not only looking outward at the mission, but inward at his empowering presence. The question is not just, "How much needs to be done?' but "What specifically has he empowered me to do?"

Jesus continued, J D Greear

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