Sunday, November 15, 2015

The only answer?

Andrew White (The Vicar of Bagdad) has just written 'My journey so far' about his life and was last year voted Christian of 2014. I was very struck by this quote by him that I read this week:

"White no longer believes it is possible to make peace with Isis. "You can't negotiate with them", he says sadly. "I have never said that about another group of people. These are really so different, so extreme, so radical, so evil.......The only answer is to radically destroy them. It is a terrible thing to say as a priest. It really hurts. I will do anything to save life and bring about tranquility, and here I am forced by death and destruction to say there should  be war' 

Quoted in 'The Week, 14th Nov, Page 10

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