Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Learning from bright young things

We watched 'The Internship' which is a ridiculous but fun film about Google and so I read the 'Eight habits of highly effective Google managers' (via What's best next) with fresh interest.

Here are a couple of things I am feeling prompted about currently:

1. To write and read more

2. To learn what it means to be young in our culture (young people, young churches, young leaders and young companies).

Now, like it or not I am now old. Yes, I know you find that hard to believe but I am quickly advancing to my half century and by anyone's definition that is not young. Whilst I don't have a coherent set of thoughts yet about youth culture I have read a few things recently has got me thinking and made me realize that in some area I am very out of touch. Also, having a son has forced a necessary re-engagement with such matters.

Here's a question for you.

Is dating and dancing a thing of the past?

Rod Dreher's post called Tinder Mercenaries combined with the fact the half the night clubs in the UK have closed over the last decade made me wonder if dancing and asking someone to 'sign your dance card' are now unnecessary parts of the young adult experience. In such a highly sexualized and relationally isolated culture,why bother going clubbing when you can simply hook up earlier in the evening through a phone app? Just a thought.

At Focus this year I felt rather old which I took to be a good thing. During the worship set led by Bright City it dawned on me that it was not aimed at me- a middle-aged man with a new baby. That's a healthy thing methinks. I do worry that some conferences (incl Focus at times) may be in danger of getting a little grey and out of touch- New Wine (as this post  implicitly suggests) and Greenbelt- see here- to name but two. Pete Hughes, Vicar of KXC, impressed me as a younger leader and movement influencer.

Finally, into the mix, I also throw two lists of young emerging Christian leaders and thinkers called '33 under 33' which offered some hope that there are lots of bright, talented and passionate younger folk in the pipeline. Thank goodness for that.

33 from the UK

33 from the US

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