Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas musings

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently.

I enjoyed 'if politicians scripted nativity'

The Green Report is causing a stir in the C of E and apparently we are looking for talent. Ian Paul has some good thoughts but I recommend reading the report for yourself. I do also commend reading Shrink for a perspective on both sides of this discussion and always a take in a good dose of Eugene Peterson.

Hyatt has some apps that made a difference to his team.

Once upon a time a person was drowning

Libby Lane

Justin was on Desert Island Discs

The Everything Book

I've been mulling on the prosperity gospel and the level of my own generosity as I read 'The Blessed Life' 

We are going to be singing Hallelujah for Christmas at our late service on Christmas eve as we share communion. Do join us.

I watched this and felt encouraged and amazing. Not even a kiss.

Leadership Journal on the lessons of Mars Hill and Bob Hyatt on 5 lessons from Driscoll.

Book of the year lists: Tim Challies,  Michiko Kakutani, Justin BuzzardTrevin Wax, Kevin de Young.  I will try and get my own out before the end of the year for anyone who is faintly interested.

This was fascinating on the mysterious disappearance of a celebrity preacher in 1926 (h/t Mark Meynell)

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