Friday, May 02, 2014

Fishing, Rev and a few good reads

I had my first days fly-fishing which I know will excite readers. A lovely few days break in Somerset and time to reflect on Easter and all God has graced us with and time to rest with Mrs C.

We baptised Madhu on Easter day and you can hear her amazing story here.

I read 'Letters to a Young Calvinist' having read this review and so enjoyed the writing of James K Smith. His most recent book is about Charles Taylor.

My next read is this by Francis Chan and friends (Hybels, Peterson and Gordon MacDonald). Why not read this book with me slowly chapter by chapter and chat about it with pals to share what you learning? One review reads:

'I read a lot of books and I have read a number of books by authors in this collection going back many years. Few books really captivate me from the beginning these days. This book did, from starting to read the introduction I could hardly put the book down'

Rev has ended and you can have some perspectives here and James wrote a good piece in the Guardian here. I think it's brilliant telly but watches more like a documentary about the state of the C of E rather than a sitcom. However, with six thousand church leaders meeting on Monday for this there seems to be life in the old girl yet.

Eating alone is now a restaurant opportunity.

A word for the discouraged (h/t Dash House)

A friend highly recommended this talk on Sexual Confusion entitled 'Who are you?' I plan to listen to it in the coming weeks. My Bishop spent a good chunk of his sermon to his clergy in the Cathedral speaking about human sexuality and gay marriage. As Pilling is debated this isn't likely to be removed from top of the agenda any time soon in the C of E.

Furtick was on shouty form on Easter day and I loved his preach about the woman at the well.

We watched The Bible episodes on the Cross and the Church on Maundy Thursday as a parish open event. There were very few dry eyes in the house. The depiction of Paul and the birth of the church is done so well.

I have been so enjoying The Trip. I am not sure if you weren't a middle aged man born in the late sixties if you will find it funny but in my book it's comedy genius.

R C Sproul has a few punchy protestant thoughts on the newest saints.

James Emery White has written about 'The rise of the nones'. I love his writing.

Times Magazines fascinating World's 100 Most Influential People. Enjoy scrolling through.

(h/t Ann Voskamp)

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