Monday, June 03, 2013

For the pod: Jack Miller's Sermon saved my life

This morning I read a post about Jack Miller who has become one of my people and you should read the post too. Miller's book 'Heart of a servant leader' is one I have written about a lot in the past.

I, probably like you, will now hunt for and listen to the sermon spoken about below in the hope that it has a similar impact.
At the Redeemer Presbyterian Church website, I came across a message that he preached there about five years before he died (1996) called, “Covered by Jesus’ Blood.” That sermon became the anthem of my sabbatical. I listened to it over and over and over again and wept every time.
And the reason is that God used it to convince me not only that he loves his people, but that he loves me!

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Mike said...

The comment above is from R.W. Glenn. He is pastor of preaching and vision at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, MN.