Friday, May 31, 2013

Not chained

'Greater' by Steve Furtick teaches from the ministry of Elisha in 1 Kings 19.

'But if you want to have the kind of greater life Elisha had, you have to do what Elisha did. You have to burn your plough.

Your plough is what chains you to the ordinary. It could be anything.

- A present job that's not in line with what God has called you to do
- The passionless and purposeless approach you take toward the job you have and where God is calling you to remain
- Old, small paradigms of thought about what God wants to do in and through your life
- The conscious choice to keep using your spouse's past mistakes against him or her
- A life that's a little too safe, a lifestyle that's a little too comfortable and tends to factor out God

When we consider following God in a way that would disrupt our lives, we usually try to prequalify our obedience before taking the first step. But the thing is, whether you'll see God do greater things in your life doesn't depend on having the equipment you'll need for the journey ahead. You can't get too worried about whether you've read the right books or been to the right school or have the right connections. Right now, the only equipment you need is a flamethrower (or, if that sounds too dramatic, at least a box of matches).

That's because you can't step into your new life until you first set fire to whatever is tethering you to your old life. Before you can go forward into the life God has for you, you have to offer Him every part of the life you have'

Pages 40-41

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