Thursday, March 07, 2013

A few things that caught my eye

Here are some Mother's day community resources from the film Guilt Trip

I read Mike Breen's post 'Are we on the brink of a new reformation?' [essential reading] about the difference between success and fruitfulness and have much to ponder as a result.

As someone who for a season found sleep difficult, as many do, this article by Suzanne Moore was interesting.

Martha Lane Fox (of Last minute fame) says @ Path is her favourite app.

Nicky Gumbel says his confessional preach 'Time to Stretch' admitting his enrolling in some counselling has generated more feedback than any other.

I was on retreat with a crowd of Church planters on which Will van der Hart spoke about this work and his website Mind and Soul. It is a terrific resource for questions about, and solutions to, mental health challenges (anxiety, panic attack, insomnia and depression.)You might like to read his book about worry called 'The Worry Book'.

On the same retreat I laughed till I cried with a pal discussing the website You only had one job

A Vicar pal is listening to The Real Marriage with a couple whose marriage is struggling in his church. They just listen/watch the talk together and then chat and it's proving very helpful.

Cranmer is interesting on celibate priests

Starting from scratch in Montreal and Ten questions every church planter should ask

Keller's preaching series that changed everything for me is now available as a book.

Jesus is.... is on my list as a next read and finally Rachel Held Evan says 'I'm ashamed'.

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