Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seven things for a Tuesday

1. I am preaching about shepherds and reading a book called The God of the Mundane as I prepare.

2. The new United Pursuit Band album is blessing a pal. It's called Endless years

3. Did you know a mince pie has 250 calories?

4. A friend has been reading Vertical Church and took the questionnaire at the end of Chapter 2. His church score was so low he's decided his is a horizontal one.

5. If you aspire to running a mega church you should read Deep and Wide (reviewed here) and probably even if you don't it'll have some wisdom to offer. Quite a few I know have been reading this.

6. Paula Gooders book on waiting is a good Advent read.

7. I chatted with someone about getting older and recommended they read 'Don't waste your life' which is now free on PDF.

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