Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tweeting good news

One of the first biographies of a preacher I ever read was of D L Moody and I wanted one day to be like him. Sadly, I may be waiting a while methinks. Bill posted this great quote by him:

''Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter"

Church planting tips of the day

1. Get a twitter account

2. Ask your MP to do you a favour and tell his 14961 followers about your church plant with a link to your website (oh and feel free to follow Zac and retweet it)

Congrats and good luck David Cooke, the brilliant new Team Vicar of Holy Trinity Barnes who starts this Sunday:

If I was going to pick one talk that everyone in Barnes had to listen to you will not be surprised to find it would be 'The Prodigal Sons'. If you are a reader and you have not yet listened to this you should be ashamed of yourself :) A priest pal told me that he was converted listening to it eight years after having been ordained while driving across New Zealand on holiday. So be careful.

My friend Erin who is a youth worker thinks every teenager and student should list to this.

I can't stop singing this song- think someone must be praying for me :) I know many of you are and I'm so grateful. Keep at it.

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