Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For the pod: Is Christianity Masculine?

My dear pal has preached a sermon on one of the touch point issues of our day. The title I think is a flip of the coin to Piper's contention about God and masculinity at a recent conference. It is part of a brilliant series of teaching through Romans. I will perhaps reflect some more about the many good and helpful things he observes from scripture but in the meantime why not have a listen. I wonder if it convinces the Bishop of London, who is a great and weighty leader, who I listened to yesterday at HTB? He was sandwiched between Christine Caine (a woman who seems to have some unction to speak in church and lead methinks: :) and Rick Warren and offered us some timely wisdom. The Lord Bishop is not currently I think in favour of the ordination of women and were he to be he would in my view by a shoe-in for A of C- he probably ought to be anyway. By the way, what Rick Warren doesn't know isn't worth knowing but that is a post for another time.

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