Friday, January 27, 2012

For such a time as this

We say we are too busy to pray. But the busier our Lord was, the more He prayed. Sometimes He had no leisure so much as to eat (Mark 3:20); and sometimes He had no leisure for needed rest and sleep (Mark 6:31). Yet He always took time to pray. If frequent prayer, and, at times, long hours of prayer, were necessary for our Saviour, are they less necessary for us?

Author Unknown
The Kneeling Christian, circa 1930, ch. 7.

Prayer is so necessary in these days. 

Recently I caught some of a program called Party Paramedics which both shocked and saddened me- a world in my own story I am all too familiar with. It gave me yet more reason and burden to pray for this nation and the urgent mission of its church.

Last night at Kingdom Come a band of saints numbering 300 or so from across this city and further afield gathered. I took a crowd and we prayed with others for our leaders, the church, church planting, schools, students, prisons and specifically at the end for North Korea. 

We heard about Revival Run which was new to me and of all the things that God has done through a small church in Ramsgate and the prayer movement that it has unleashed.

Pete Greig author of the simply wonderful Red moon rising, which I commend, spoke of the necessity of prayer. 

The next gatherings are on 29th March and 28th June @ HTB .

This is the film we watched together about North Korea but be warned its content is quite intense. I found it particularly striking given my father was a POW in Korea from the age of 18-21. It  is a little out of date given the recent death of the father but as we know he has been replaced by the son. 

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