Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Blog-sweep

Is Cameron right to call Britain a Christian country? Cranmer has the whole speech for you to read

Kingdom People's Ten Favourite Reads of 2011

Massive on-line collaboration and Must-reads on the psychology of being (via J R Briggs)

4 ways to move ahead in the New Year instead of remaining stuck

Rules for Reverends now exceeds 100!

Jeff Vandersfelt on How to share your faith and on Life on mission

It's not that I have to it's that I get to

Churchill for pastors: 5 Leadership lessons (via Dash House)

"One crazy road trip where Jesus is the driver" says Mark Driscoll. Don't miss watching this insane documentary about the history of Mars hill. "Money stifles innovation" he says and the account of how Mars Hill got on the web is fascinating. If you want to plant a church you should probably watch this and if you don't once you've watched this you never know, one day, who knows? It couldn't be more crazy than this :)

How to apply Scripture when it does not apply directly and personally to you (via Preacher smith)

Why studying the Bible won't (necessarily) change your life

Tim Keller on coming together on Culture

How to use the iPad 2 as a typing machine (via Jesus Creed)

34 Hitchens quotes that probably won't offend you (the picture of him in the gym is utterly priceless!)

(via 22 Words)

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Saturday blog-sweep

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