Monday, October 10, 2011

It's not about me

I quote the first line of 'A purpose driven-life' a lot to myself and to others. It's a simple sentence but a life-changing one

"It's not about you."

Last week I felt a little check in my Spirit to take stock of the blog and planned to stop. What I hadn't bargained for was that anyone actually read the blog or were that bothered if I kept doing it or not. As I say on my sidebar this blog is really just a filing cabinet for my on-going adventure following Jesus. Then I got a couple of emails that encouraged me to keep going and moved me and here is one of them that Hannah (in South Africa) gave me permission to share. It was through Hannah's encouragement and some wonderful bible teaching on our church weekend away at Ashburham that I have recaptured, to use Hannah's words 'new ways the grace and love of the Father has for me' and so I will I guess keep on writing and posting:

"I just wanted to email you personally in response to your last post on Cookie's Days blog. I have to say reading your post brings a tear to my eye. I really shall miss reading your words, but at the same time I have complete respect for your decision and your honesty. I will pray for your new venture in leading the church plant at Holy Trinity Barnes and may you have fresh anointing and encounter with Jesus to fully know and recapture in new ways the grace and love of our Father has for you. 
As I may have commented on one of your posts, this year has seen the arrival of our daughter, Rachel (she turns one in 3 weeks!!) and my friend recommended your blog when Rachel was newly born. As Rachel has grown so rapidly in this year, I too have grown in faith and some of that has honestly been a result of your posts challenging, equipping me with resource, the Holy Spirit convicting me through talks you have recommended and your writing echoing the Father's voice. (I know the same is true for my husband who often asks "has Cookie posted today?!" and as I have gone on walks with Rachel and my good friend, Hannah, we've discussed video clips/posts you have uploaded) So... really I want to say is Thank You and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you evermore. Amen! ......."

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