Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why bother with blogging?

Who better to explain why on earth I persist with this ridiculous blog that only the few faithful read than Seth Godin and Tom Peters in this post called 'Blogging still matters in 2011'


Hannah Poulson said...

Hi David,

I have been reading your blog most days for about 3 weeks, from a recommendation from a friend who posted about you on facebook! I love your blog and have listened and read to many of your suggestions. Your posts are thought-provoking, encouraging, challenging and entertaining in equal measures! So...keep blogging!

love Hannah

tsk said...

thanks for the link. blessings!!!

David Cooke said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Mark Shepherd said...

I'm always surprised when preachers snub online communication like blogs, facebook or twitter. Surely the church heroes through the centuries would have loved the opportunity to broadcast like this. Please keep up the blog, I'm a daily reader.

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