Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly wanderings

I played golf yesterday which was fun.

I saw Up in the Air this week and it made me feel gloomy. It has one line though that stuck with me- Clooney is about to fire a man and he asks him "When was it that you gave up on your dreams?"

Clooney should read this called Single and Lonely.

Tim Keller mentioned this very important book when I heard him teach last year-you can listen here.

We should perhaps have it on pre-order.

Keller posts on "Big issues facing the western church" (H/T Dash House)

I went to Curates training and in one of the sessions our teacher said that his wise ancient spiritual director described prayer as:

"Attending to what is the case"

I have been mulling this since and think that is might in fact be the opposite of this. Anyway, I set a task for some friends to demonstrate or refute this from the Scriptures and look forward to their report back.

A final quote for a ponder from my recent re-read of The Great Omission by Willard

" We find it hard to see that grace is not opposed to effort but is opposed to earning" (Page 166)

A happy weekend to all.

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