Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vision into Action

It is rather boring being ill but happily I am now back to almost full fettle.

I have not fed back from the excellent Vision into Action at HTB.

I have a fondness for HTB as my old church for 13 years was its first plant and many through HTB have blessed me and become friends. Since 1993, HTB has grown exponentially and the impact of Alpha has gone world wide.

Here is the excellent talk by Nicky Gumbel which tells the story which I commend to everyone if you want to listen to what a visionary leader sounds like. It will inspire you.

Here is a fact-13m people have done Alpha worldwide.

May I also be bold to say that HTB is possibly one of the most influential churches in the world given its cross-denominational reach. (I notice they also interview Prime Ministers). The recent story of why and how has two central characters- Tricia Neale and Rebecca Stewart- who are two of the most impressive leaders I have come across in a very long time. The wisdom from their two talks was superb but sadly I can't find them posted.

I also listened to Simon Downham of St Paul's Hammersmith, a great leader and preacher, on church growth.

He recommded Keller's Process managing church growth and also the following excellent resources he found through The Alban Institute (which was new to me).

This is well worth attending when they run it again. 1000 this time and I think next time it will be more.

As ever, one of the main joys was not just the content but seeing old friends.

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