Friday, January 11, 2008


Christmas seems a memory and the New Year is off and running. Spent yesterday doing what is fondly known as 'potty training', which stands for post-ordination training, and enjoyed it. We are all very different people and it is good to spend one day a month thinking and discussing things. One thing that jumped out at me was a phrase from our Richard Hooker lecture and also some words from Erasmus and the Ordinal. Richard Hooker ( he is an important dude to the Anglican Church and thought and wrote alot about 'Reason') . This is what he said:

...Man in perfection of nature being made according to the likeness of his Maker, resembleth him also in the manner of working: so that whatsover we work as men, the same we do wittingly work and freely; neither are we according to manner or natural agents any way so tied, but that 'it is in our power to leave the things we do undone'....(I,vii,2)

It is challenging trying to understand free will and God's sovereignty but worth the effort. I am preaching on 1 Corinthian 3 at the weekend and knowing that the things we think are important could go up in flames, it is better think now what will matter and be of value eternally. Also learnt about Erasmus who translated John 1 in Latin 'In the beginning was conversation...' Love it. Very Eugene P.

I also was helpfully reminded of the Ordinal and the declaration I made before God six months ago. In response to my pledges the Bishop says the following, 'You cannot bear the weight of this calling in your own strength, but only by the grace and power of God. Pray therefore that your heart may daily be enlarged and your understanding of the Scriptures enlightened' It was a timely reminder to hope and pray daily for an enlarged heart and greater understanding.

Found an interesting article by Matthew Parris called 'Do our leaders believe in God?' and I also found the Times music podcast and this weeks is Tom Baxter.

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