Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moving in

It is all quite a thing getting moved in. One of the greatest frustrations has been getting on-line and speaking to endless service providers. I am not a natural teccy and would rather read a book that play a video game so endless speaking to computer simulated voices to make my printer work or register my gas reading is enough to drive a man to insanity. Anyway, I am slowly getting sorted and have not yet gone completly mad but have certainly come close.

I have meant to share my holiday reads for some time so finally I get around to sharing them. I am what one might call a science dunce so I am quite proud of myself having read all 500+ pages of the new biography of Albert Einstein by Walter Issacson. I have decided to challenge my brain in understanding things that were left in a deep fog following my schooling. This is a tremendous work and opens up the life of one of the most extraordinary men of the last century. I think I could now have a stab a explaining the theory of relativity-very roughly! Also read 'Into thin air' the story of a fatal climbing expedition to Everest. Compelling stuff.

My quote of the moment is 'Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to there own facts' Douglas Moynihan

Now back to my sermon on Luke 12- Jesus bringing division. As our dear Principal used to say "Let us not shy away from the tricky passages". Thoughts on division- seems somewhat apt given my recent journey through college.....

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