Sunday, May 13, 2007


Have just returned from a weekend climbing penyfan in the Brecon Beacons as part of a church weekend a pal Justin invited us to. This is a photo of my mate Tim and I at the top. Not bad going 16.8km through wind and rain and not too much complaining.

As I was trudging up a particularly steep hill I realised that the trick to progress is taking very small but regular steps. In the driving rain I felt God's hand say that's the way to do it. Slow and steady and not too spectacular but that's how you get to the summit. An insight to tuck away I think.

My other thought is that discipleship is about having the right kit for the journey. As one of the lads got out a 2 by 2 piece of matting to park his backside on at lunchtime rather than have to sit in a soggy mire as I was doing I thought it all about the right kit. One chap was a Royal Engineer Brigadeer and he lead the way on walking paraphanailia and it made me resolved never to go out again unprepared.

Anyway, God blessed us and moved in great power in many lives. Praise Him and thanks to all for a splendid time.

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