Friday, November 03, 2006

The more we pay

I have spent the last hour reading my friend Tom's blog and in a moment of enthusiam started my own blog. Being somewhat challenged by technology this is something of an adventure but all seems to have been achieved.

So we're off.

What do I do now?

Incidently, I saw Tom earlier on today in the most disturbed state of hurry and activity. The first time he has ever not had time to stop and chat. I can usually rely on Tom for some destraction, mindless laughter and a timewaste. It really must be one of those days.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this apart from me and there is the extreme danger that this may absorb an unfeasibly large amount of time. Ah well, beats writing an essay. My quote of the moment is from Elizabeth Eliot who once said 'The more we pay for the advice the more likely we are to listen to it'. As someone currently wondering and deciding about all sorts of things and always looking for advice she makes a valid and intersting observation.

Well, mustn't bang on on my first posting and who knows where this may lead. It will at very least be a home for all my mindless book, music and other spurious recommendations that I repeatedly bore my friends with.

Happy days!

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revtmcg said...

Lets hear some Cookie rant about something...