Wednesday, December 11, 2013

For the pod: Two ways to live

I had a bit of a moment yesterday. All 'moments' as I see them are comprehensions of the truth and power of the gospel of grace. I had it reading this and I am still reeling from it all. You, like me, may have grappled to understand Romans 7 and the chapter about Robert Louis Stevenson in Belcher's book was such a help to me.

The highs and lows of outward circumstances so easily buffet us- as James warms. Our internal lives buffet us too. That's why we need to constantly remind ourselves it's not about us, that God is good, that hope is ours and that this is not all there is.

I want to recommend a sermon called 'Two ways to live' because it hit both Rachel and I so powerfully as we listened to it together yesterday. Why bother listening? I would say just for the illustration on parenting and why kids fall away from church which I know is a concern for many of my readers. It's preached by a dear pal call Peter who has walked with me and prayed for me down the years. My next listen of his is going to be 'Taking the enemy down'. As it happens, he ran my Alpha course in 1991.

Do pop a few of Peter's talks on the pod for the train and car and you well be well-taught and much blessed......

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