Tuesday, August 07, 2012

For the pod: Podcasts for the summer

My pal has been meaning to get an Ipod and wants to get it charged up with a few talks so he can listen to them on his business travels. There is a verse in Romans that says 'faith comes by hearing' and it's true. We will over time become what we listen to. Like any food, what you need is a plentiful and balanced diet and then over time you will grow up strong.

My pod is loaded with talks and I have listened to all sorts of people speak down the years. I sat under the wonderful preaching of John Irvine for over a decade who probably shaped my heart more than anyone else. If I am driving or getting the tube or walking in the park I scroll down my podcasts and decide to listen to.... [Of these people I have down the years listened to some more than others and they have a star by them]:

*Tim Keller
*Simon Ponsonby
Mike Pilavachi
*John Piper
*Martyn Lloyd Jones
*John Peters
Rick Warren
RT Kendall
*David White
Jentzen Franklin
Peter Blundell
Vaughn Roberts
*David Platt
Pete Wilson
J D Greer
*Craig Groeschl
Nicky Gumbel
Greg Haslam
Hugh Palmer
*Mark Driscoll
John Ortberg
Andy Stanley
*Jonathan Martin
Charlie Cleverly
*Francis Chan
Perry Nobel
*Rob Bell
Johnny Hunt
Rich Nathan
Louie Giglio
*Steve Furtick
Judah Smith
Tullian Tchvidjian
Bill Hybels
*Matt Chandler
*James McDonald
Mark Batterson


Anonymous said...

This list is all men. Do you ever listen to any podcasts by women?!?

David Cooke said...


Try listening to Kate Patterson and Ellie Hughes who I, until recently, worked with. Ellie's most recent sermon is wonderful.


I also have been blessed by Ellie Mumford, Jackie Pullinger, Joyce Meyer, Mary Pytches, Anita Cleverly, Debbie Wright, Christine Perkin and Christine Caine among many others.

Feel free to recommend people and podcasts you listen to and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

That's a great list - thanks!